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1.Villain Block Stacking Toy: The Montessori toys set of 16 wooden balance bricks in four different colors is the perfect brick stacking toy for kids. One toy with many ways to play, such as free stacking, color matching, dominoes, so that children will love it.

2.Safe for kids to Play: Although the brightly coloured bricks in the set are made of solid wood, the light weight of the bricks won’t hurt your child. The double-layer water-based paint finish not only protects the wood core and makes the building blocks more durable, but also makes the surface of the blocks smooth, allowing children to play safely. Not only that, water-based paint also has the characteristics of safe and non-toxic, BPA-free, Phthalates-free.

3.Improve Kids’ Hands-on Skills: This Toy Stacking Block Sets can be combined in hundreds of different styles, with block sizes of 2.20×1.93×0.47in to exercise your child’s fine motor skills. Improve children’s hands-on skills and spatial imagination by challenging more difficult stacking styles. Great building puzzle toys for 2 3 4 5 year old boys and

4.Perfect Family Game: Hundreds of different stacking styles make the toy extremely playable, so it’s suitable for anyone of any age. Parents can guide their children or work with their children to complete a variety of brick stacking and difficult stacking challenges to spend the perfect parent-child interaction time and leave their children with good memories.

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    Joanne Alexander

    This was bought as a birthday gift for my nephew, it’s adorable and sturdy! I’m sure he’ll love the bright colors. It’s adorable and I recommend it.

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    Dennie L

    These blocks are great for open-ended play. My two children (2 y/o and 5 y/o) both plays with these blocks. Each has their own way of building and playing with these blocks. It’s awesome to see the different ways they play and build with them. Not only can they be used to build and stack, you can do other various activities such as sorting and counting. My husband and I were trying to stack it by balancing as well (lol).The blocks came as shown. The colors are bright and the blocks are sturdy. Whole family loves them.

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    Toddlers can enjoy it but the main age in my opinion is preschool age through grade school! This is so fun!! It is challenging to get them to stack! There are so many different ways to connect them! There is no one right way but many different ways! I’ve used them for group activities for all my 10 kids ages 2-5 and even my adult visitor had fun playing with these! Highly recommend these toys. One box is ok for one child but several boxes are fun for a group. I think I need more than 4 boxes for my group of ten!

  4. Avatar photo

    Mary Wehrle

    This was a wonderful developmental toy for a child! It reminds me of the ones from Discovery toys, only you don’t have to host any parties to get it. They are made from sturdy wood and fit together in any number of creative ways. Even my 10 year old was finding ways to make it more challenging. My niece loved this for her little one who will be 3 soon. He actually started playing with these even before the little car set he received.