1.Automatic Magnetic Suction: This water ballon can be closured with magnetic suction, faster to fill water.
2.Reusable Water Ballon: This water balloon is made of latex material, which is not easy to break and can be reused multiple times. After use, wipe it clean and wait for next use.
3.Highly Safe Material: The water balloon toy is made of soft latex material, making it safe for children to play with.
4. Durable Design: When these self sealing water balloons are filled with enough water, they will quickly fall to the ground due to gravity and will not burst.
5. Applicable Scenario: Our self sealing water balloon is designed to quickly and easily release fun. These tasteless skin friendly water balloons are suitable for children’s parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, pool parties, and many other outdoor activities.
6. Great Gift for Kids: Our water balloon can bring a refreshing feeling on hot summer days as they can be squeezed to create a jet effect. Use this gift to introduce your child to a fun and happy environment.
7.Suitable Size for Kids: The size is 7cm x 7cm x 7cm,faster to fill water, and great for yonger kids to grips.

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  1. Avatar photo

    Phillip Mark

    They exceeded my expectations. They are so amazing and work like a real water ballon. They make a big splash without all those annoying little balloon pieces everywhere. I highly recommend these. My kids have used them a bunch of times and they still look brand new.

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    Freddy Stef

    I was so tired of buying those one time use water balloons. These things are amazing. They are made of a silicone like material and snap back together with very thin magnets. They’re not big enough that they will hurt if someone throws it at you. These are still very soft when hitting you and easily burst open to release the water. My kids played with them for hours on end. Huge hit. Highly recommend. Will be ordering more soon!!