1.Multi Function Pool Accessories:The water fountain outdoor like a pool aerator and chiller, it helps cool pool temperatures by introduce air to your filtered pool water in spray form. This process also keep your pool water from going stagnant, which make your swimming oasis refreshing all year long.

2.Swimming Pool Decoration Fountain:Create a waterfall splash in your pool, circulates the water better and creates a nice soothing sound, the most practical and easy way decor your in-ground and above-ground swimming pool and patio, create perfect backyard ambiance. Swivel design allow you swung it under water when not in use.

3.Easy to Install: Pool waterfall fountain is ready in less than 5min, simply turn off your pool pump, unscrew & remove return eye fitting (3 parts need to be removed: ring, eyeball, outside male thread), attach fountain, turn pump back on, and adjust the water flow & direction to your liking.

4.Universal for Most 1.5″ Pool Return Fittings:The floating fountain design to fit most 1.5 inch MALE & FEMALE THREADED pool return jet fittings. The additional adapter can fit 1-1/2-inch external return jet and 2.2 inch external return nozzle. Please measure your in ground and above ground pool’s return port size before ordering. Will not work on Intex Coleman Bestway Brand Pools as they don’t have 1-1/2-inch return fittings.

5.Cool Funny water fountain for Pool: Smart design allow water fun sprinklers fully adjustable spray direction and powered by your existing pool pump, the spray height up to 15ft, depending on the pool pump used. Can work without pump, but with 3/4 hp or larger pump for better waterfall splash. To prevent leaking, be sure to tighten the connecting parts securely.

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    This item saves my pool, It has absolutely saved our summer by bringing the water temp down. We’re thrilled to be able to use the pool and have it refreshing as a pool should be!! I am pleasantly surprised that this fountain has been such a game changer for the water temp! Was definitely worth a try!!

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    Just got mine installed, I piped it directly to my PVC return line because I didn’t want it inside my pool. It actually works really well and will easily shoot the water all the way over my pool if I completely close the valve to my return jet. So it works for it’s intended purpose and I’m sure my kids will get a kick out of it this summer.

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    Bought this for my in ground pool to help cool the water down. It works very well. Was easy to assemble and just screwed into where my jet came out. Height of the sprinkler will depend on your pump pressure and can be adjusted at the sprinkler. You can just listen to it sometimes as it is very soothing. Great value for what you get.

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    Purchased this for a pool party and it was a blast. The kids had a great time playing in the sprinkler and you can adjust the pressure to make the stream higher.

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    I got 2 for my pools, it’s easy to install and works well. During the heat of the summer I’ve noticed my pool temperatures are staying at 90° rather than 95+ during the heat of the day, 85 in the morning. It’s awesome for cooling in such hot summer.